A type 14 Stanley #5C restored.

I don’t have any before pictures, because this beauty came with a type 20/21 frog with the folded lateral, so I wasn’t even going to do anything with it. I changed my mind more just to see how much work it would take, since it was a jack anyhow, I figured it would be ok. I thought it was strange that it had rosewood, but I didn’t think to hard on it.

On closer inspection though, I found this wonderful type 14. Based on the broken tote tip, I would say it was dropped and the original frog busted.

I had the correct frog, so its all back to normal now.

I didn’t do the tote repair, its an old repair which seems very solid. I just sanded it out and refinished, leaving the history intact.


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Featured Stanley Smoothers

A couple very nice plane I just posted featuring Hock High Carbon Steel (O1) Blade and Cap Iron Sets

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Stanley #4C      type 11


Stanley #3    type 15/16
  • Completely tuned and sharpened.
  • Custom Honduras Rosewood knob and tote.
  • New Hock High Carbon Steel (O1) Blade and Cap Iron Set. (A  $70 add on)
  • Original japanning about 95%+ with a few paint spec’s
  • The frog has remnants of the original orange paint.
  • Final honing on the Hock cutter done.


Another snowy shop day

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But the woodstove is working in the shop, so a few more restores got posted. Tools for Sale are here.


An Ohio Tools 019 Knuckle Block Plane

An Ohio Tools 019 Knuckle Block Plane, some before and after.

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Some Before and after pictures of a Type 2 Stanley #18

See more of my block planes here.



And After


And a recent Stanley Knuckle Plane Family Shot


The Rapier Block

See my other block plane post

This Rapier Block showed up in my shop one day, thanks to my LJ friend Poopiekat.

Rapier is an English made plane. I always thought it was a Stanley knock off, but this is a little different. The plane is much heavier than a similar Stanley. The cutter tightening nut is solid and much heavier.


The cutter (marked “Best Sheffield Tool Steel) is harder and thicker than a similar Stanley. It works extremely well.



I debated repainting this. I still may in the future. But for now, it rest along side my other block planes. At the ready, but unlikely to be uesed.

Stanley #65 type 1 restoration

See my other block plane post

This is a recent restoration of a type 1 Stanley #65. According to Virginia Tool Works this would have been manufactured in 1898 through 1900.




Most folks are more familiar with the later type #65 with a knuckle cap and adjustable mouth.

The knuckle cap actually didn’t start until 1913.

The adjustable mouth came about in 1905.



Edwin Hahn #9 restoration before and after.


After my recent success restoring a Stanley type 2, I went on to a restore of an early Edwin Hahn plane. This plane is earlier the the #6 I restored.

The only before picture I have. Its sitting right next to the Stanley type 2.

It looks like this plane was made between 1902 and 1906.



And Compared to the #6


A Bedrock #607 and a Keen Kutter #K7–All in a days play

Finally, a day in the shop. These were meant as winter projects, but it’s a cold raining fall Saturday. Let do some restores.

A Bedrock #607. Before:


And after the full treatment. (If you haven’t seen it, here’s my restoration page)


Here’s the current bedrock family.


And a Keen Kutter #K7 also got the full treatment today


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No its not a Sargent 5409, but the other one?

I’ve got a very strict rule about computers. After the 2nd cocktail, I don’t return work emails and I don’t buy on ebay. But, who follows rules after the 2nd cocktail?

Apparently not me. The work rule is easy. Who wants to work once the fun starts. So I made this impulse purchase. Its 2 planes. I thought one was a Sargent #5409. It was all there, the thin casting, the steel insert in the adjustment knob, the twisted lateral and a corrugated bottom.

The problem!

The problem was the corrugated bottom was on the “other plane”.

A little bummed but I still had a decent type 3 Sargent 409. It’s got an American Beauty cutter, so I know that’s not original. I need to find out about the American Beauty part, but Sargent didn’t make a cutter back then with the round hole at the bottom of the cutter.

The other surprise was I was sure the other plane was a Defiance. But it had a corrugated sole and I didn’t think the Defiance came corrugated. Well come to find out, in 1939 (yep for 1 year) Defiance made a corrugated. Since the #1204 Defiance was made from 1932-1953, and the #1204C was only made in 1939 I’m going to assume it fairly rare.

But here is the Sargent type 3 #409 anyhow. Look for the Defiance in days to come.

If you know ANYTHING about the “American Beauty” Iron, I’d love to here from you. I know there is an American Beauty company in business today, I just don’t know if it’s the same, and they don’t do planes anymore.




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