Lie-Nielsen #62 low angle jack plane


Buy your #62 LN Low Angle Jack Plane

When I first got this plane, I posted this comment on the “Hand Plane of your dreams” Thread.

Since then I’ve used the plane a few time. My thoughts toward this plane remain the same. Its a great plane right out of the box.

I have sharpened it once. The back of the iron was perfectly flat right from the get-go. All I had to do was sharpen. My expectation óf needing to flatten the iron was unfounded. The thick blade makes sharpening a breeze. I am good enough to sharpen the thicker blades free hand, and this is currently the thickest blade I own.

I decided to buy this plane new after loosing several bids on ebay. The prices for used Lie-Nielsen stuff goes so close to new cost its ridiculous. This also had a factor in my decision to buy the plane. I know if I decided to sell it for any reason, I’d get most of my money back. Now that I’ve used it, the thought of ever selling it is gone.

This is my first brand new plane. I’ve typically been a buy and restore vintage plane guy, but the vintage stanley #62s have a bad habit of breaking out at the mouth. I also have been looking at the Lie-Nielsens planes for a long time. They were always somewhat intriguing.

I didn’t think I’d like the knob and tote on this plane. The pictures seem to have a fake finish look to the wood. Once in front of me however, the finish looks great. Its more of a satin soft finish and it really doesn’t have the fake look i was anticipating.

I’ve used this plane on one project so far. This project is native sawn oak with lots of knots and gnarly grain. I had problems with tear out using my typical bench planes and had to do a lot of work with scrappers. I received the #62 right in the middle of this project, and it performed very well. It didn’t totally eliminate the tear out in some spots, but it cut my scrapper work substantially. I was very happy with the performance.

The cost of this plane was a quit a bit for me to spend on a hobby tool, but it seems like it is well worth it. I’ve always tried to buy quality tools, and this certainly fits that description. ÍIfyou are serious about wood working, I highly recommend you buy one.


Buy your #62 LN Low Angle Jack Plane


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