Panel Raising Plane.

I’ve bid on some panel raising planes but the prices always seem to be out of reach. I decided to convert a wood bodied plane I had restored a while ago.


This is the plane I started with.


I cut a groove on the side toward the raised panel and sharpened the blade on that side as well.


I cut it on the table saw and finished it up with my new Veritas shoulder plane.

I added a nicker to cut the line around the panel. I tried it without it and got some fur on softwood.

I then added a piece on the other side that would wrap around the bottom and form the fence.


I then clean it up down to the line. The line, all the way around, it’s the width (typically 1/4”). I used my Veritas Plane’>Veritas small shoulder plane


I cut the panel with the panel raiser, then clean it up with one of the 3 planes (#62, #604 or shoulder) I find the #62 works best on the end grain typically, and my 604 works best on the long grain. I use the shoulder plane to clean up around the raise.


Ground the cutter


The picture below shows where cleanup will be needed with the shoulder plane.




I raised 2 test panels so far, one in pine and one in oak (oak is a real small one). I need to find a more convenient way to raise and lower the spur blade, but it works well enough that I will use it until I do.



Thanks for looking.


3 Responses to Panel Raising Plane.

  1. BillS says:

    I’m very interested in the panel raising plane but none of the pictures are showing up. Every other article has the pictures except that one. Can you fox them or is there another place I could read the article? Love your work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.

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