Saving the Stanley #48

After a lot of looking I finally purchased a Stanley #48. As many of you know, I look for the rust. Here is how it came.




So the first thing I did was soak it in evapo-rust. I was hoping the soaking would loosen some of the screws and parts. I had removed the knob before immersing it in the bath.


It soaked over night and in the morning I came out looking like this.



I took it completely apart and  took to wire brushing all the parts.


I hit the brass nut with the buffing wheel.


I then sanded the knob, Starting with 60 grit up through 500.


I laid out the part, sharpened the irons and oiled each piece.


Now I put it all back together.


All That is left is trying it out.


After the first run I realized I had the blades in backward. Switched them around and kept on making shavings.


One more plane to add to the till.



About Don
A tool nut, hand plane collector, restorer

2 Responses to Saving the Stanley #48

  1. Stephen says:

    I just picked one up in about the same condition. Can you tell me what angle you sharpened the irons and how you went about sharpening the little buggers?

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