My new #34 Stanley-Bailey Transitional

This is before. In pretty good shape really. It’s a pre lateral Stanley-Bailey #34.



All I have done is soak the metal parts in evapo-rust and give the wood a coat of BLO and wax. I fixed the tote with a piece of beech from a donor transitional body I had laying around. The blade was wire wheeled and sharpened.




I then had to give it a try. I grabbed a piece of 2 x 6 rough sawn pine.




checking to make sure its square once in a while.




And a 6’ level shows its straight.


A few final shots with the Stanley 22 and Ohio 22.



2 Responses to My new #34 Stanley-Bailey Transitional

  1. Chris S says:

    Looks fantastic Don, those are some nice shavings! Congrats again on a great find!

  2. Beautiful restore Don. Excellent tote repair too. I like the use of period beech to remain true to the original. And best of all, that baby works, oh, so well. You’re going to enjoy using it on future projects.

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