The New Sand Blaster

For you guys that remember the rant I went on when my sand blaster died, I have a happier update. A few days ago this arrived in the mail.

Its from Harbor Freight and it was about $45 with shipping. Well its been sitting in the shop. I’ve been working with the saw mill and the bad saw and haven’t had time to hook it up. Well today was a rainy Saturday, so I had time to give it a try. Holy smokes batman. I stripped a #5 clean and ready for paint in less than 5 minute.

I also created a smaller blasting closet. I think I showed it before, but here it is again. Really portable and works great for small items like the planes and tools I typically do.

My compressor isn’t quit big enough to actually keep up with the blaster, but it strips so fast its not much of an issue. If I have to wait for the compressor to catch up, I just go do something else for a minute or 2.


About Don
A tool nut, hand plane collector, restorer

3 Responses to The New Sand Blaster

  1. eddieantley says:

    thanks was wondering on this for small stuff sounds like it will work

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  3. Brian Wilson says:

    Great writing! I have a lot of admiration for your writing. Thanks for all your valuable input on this topic.

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