the Sargent #15 Shaw Patent.

I made some awesome scores at the Madison Bouckville antique festival this year. Maybe you’ve already seen the Stanley #1 I found, or the Sargent 307, or the Ulmia #25? Well today I cleaned up the Sargent #15. I’ve never had a Sargent #15, or any of the shaw patents before.

I’ve also started a sort of fondness for Sargent. I absolutely love their block planes. I’m not a big fan of the typical 40x series and thought the Sargent bench plane series was a bust until I snagged this little sweet heart.

The Shaw patent was put out similar to the Bedrock. It’s got a frog design that allows the frog to be adjusted without the blade being removed. If they are all like this one, they are a high quality hand plane.

The casting is heavy, the blade is thicker with a slight taper, the cap iron is heavier, and the knob and tote is nice. I don’t think its rosewood, but its something beautiful.

This is the way it came.

I’d love to determine its value, but so far I haven’t found one for sale, or thats been sold, so it’s still a mystery.


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6 Responses to the Sargent #15 Shaw Patent.

  1. Great job. The before and after pictures don’t even look like the same plane.

    As for the wood…maybe bubinga?

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  3. davisbr says:

    I realize this is an old blog posting (and that it mirrors your Lumberjocks thread), but I wanted to tell you thanks, as your post helped me in identifying a freebie plane that I was given when I purchased an 8 inch jointer on C/L (the seller showed me a couple of hand-planes, and when I mentioned I’d never seen anything like the “mystery” plane, he said “oh, keep it”).

    I have a description of the Zenith M.W.H. Co. plane with pix posted on Sawmill Creek, here:

    …it closely matches your Sargent in most particulars (and looking closely, you can see that SARGENT was ground off the casting).


  4. thanks for the comments. I have a blog series on the Sargent shaw patent series on my bucket list.

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