The Sargent 708

I bought this plane because it came with some others that I made a deal on. It didn’t have a iron and it sat for a while. After doing some research I found out these go for a quit a bit of money, so I figured I find a blade and get it working. The #708 is a #3 size smoother.

After looking around a bit and emailing a few people, Bob Kaune over at emailed and said he had a blade, so I bought it.

The plane needed repainting so I sandblasted it and stripped it. Painted it with Dupli-Color Engine Enamel DUPDE1635 Ford Semi Gloss Black spray paint as I suggest in my restoration blog.

The Sargent 708 has a feature I haven’t had on any bench plane before. The front piece acts as the cap iron and its adjustable, so you can fine tune it for a very thin shaving, without taking anything apart.

This plane works amazingly well. This piece you see it sitting on is a piece of ash I use for testing. This is the first plane that totally eliminates tear on this stuff, including the Ulmia 25.

Note all the pictures. I just kept stopping what I was doing (restoring a Sargent 415) to take a few shavings. It was wonderful.




I can find any before pictures, but its in with a group.




2 Responses to The Sargent 708

  1. john says:

    I have the 714 and it is way cool so I just bought the 708 and am anxious to get it set up and get it on my projects. I like the space for your hand. The adjustment takes some getting used to but I find it works very well. The blade looks like a midget blade but it works extremely well. I have some nice ash so I can compare some of my smoothers and see how they work the wood. Like your site..

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