Sargent #415

Next is the Sargent #415. The Sargent# 415 is like the Stanley# 5 1/2 size. This one I have before pictures of.

Note the condition of the knob and tote. They obviously needed replacement, and I wanted something other than rosewood. I decided on bloodwood. A lot of Sargent’s came with Mahogany, but I didn’t have any available. I thought this was a suitable replacement. And Of course I never make one at a time.

The japanning was shot as well, so it needed to be stripped and repainted. As with the #708 and all my repainting, I used Dupli-Color Engine Enamel DUPDE1635 Ford Semi Gloss Black spray paint


I put a modest camber on the blade, so no full width shavings, but a nice jack style plane for my collection.


And the two together

Thanks for looking and may all your irons stay sharp and your shaving stay crisp.


About Don
A tool nut, hand plane collector, restorer

2 Responses to Sargent #415

  1. Looks great. Is it for sale?

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