A Stanley #45 resurrected.

“What in the world was I thinkin”? My $7 #45 came, but man was it rusty. This will be the first restore I’ve done that required a massive amount of fire. Even after soaking some of the parts for 2 days in evapo-rust, it still took a hefty flame to convince them to come apart.

And me, trying to get it apart. Is it hot in here?

Only broke one bolt, and still managed to get the remnants of that out.

But after soaking, wire wheeling, making a new cherry knob and tote, its back together. I haven’t tested yet, but I should be able to throw a blade in it and see how she rolls soon.

I need to find a few extra bolts. I’ve got 2 complete sets of cutters, so I should be ready to rumble. I may also move the rosewood fence to my other #45 and add a cherry fence to this one.

– See more at: http://lumberjocks.com/donwilwol/blog/33401#sthash.LgvrnN8i.dpuf


About Don
A tool nut, hand plane collector, restorer

2 Responses to A Stanley #45 resurrected.

  1. Dave says:

    I think I saw that plane on eBay. Holy crap what were you thinking?
    You managed to polish this one Don. Yeah it looks great!

  2. wb8nbs says:

    Great job, looks like it will work. I’ve had some luck applying localized heat with a large soldering iron. Use a bit of acid core solder to get the heat flow started, it’s easy to scrape off later.

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