Bailey Tool Co. #17 Restoration

I bought my first Bailey Tool Co hand plane . I’ve been researching the Bailey plane with little success finding information outside of the Stanley part of the story.

Its a defiance #17. Made by Bailey Tool Co. which was owned by Selden A Bailey and William Bailey (no relation to Leonard Bailey). Located in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

It’s 21” long, so I’d assume that’s like a #7.

Here are the before pictures. Someone had painted it an awful blue color. The knob and tote had been painted black as well.

After stripping the knob, I am pretty sure its beech. The tote was rose wood, but it has a spacer piece on the bottom. I’m not sure at this time if that’s original or if the tote has been replaced.



WP_20130527_004 WP_20130527_005 WP_20130527_010 WP_20130527_009  WP_20130527_006 


During the restore

After sand blasting

WP_20130527_013 WP_20130527_015WP_20130527_007WP_20130527_018 WP_20130527_016WP_20130527_017  WP_20130527_020  WP_20130527_021


102_1830 102_1826 102_1829102_1827 102_1828 

I was kind of surprised at the closeness of the mouth opening.



So I don’t really plan to use this plane, but as most of you know, almost every plane in my collect “can” be used. Its tuned, sharpened and tested even if I plan to retire it as a collection piece.

What’s left of the iron on this old girl is pretty short. The previous user sharpened free hand and you can see the slight camber and the rounded bevel that’s much stepper than I normally sharpen. I seen no reason to remove it, so I just dressed it up on the oil stone.

The results where astounding.

Here is the very first swipe on a piece of red oak.


And subsequent swipes proved just as rewarding.





2 Responses to Bailey Tool Co. #17 Restoration

  1. Dave says:

    Don I most interested in the history as well. The restoration is coming along nicely. I’ll dig around and see what I can find.

  2. Bayfront says:

    I do have a Bailey #7, hand plane. It is one of my very best tools, it is wide and heavy, fits very good on my hands, and with a “good start” I can run the board all to the end. It’s last paptent stamp is from 1910, which means that my grandfather bought it in St. Petersburg, Fla. (I also have some Disston saws, but they are fine teethed, and difficult to find files for. My grandfather bought Disston tools, as way back, Gulfport outside St. Petersburg, Fla. (Pinnellas County) was a town more or less built by Mr. Disston, who was a tool manufacturer up north, and one of the early snowbird, as my grandfather knew the guy from when he worked up north.

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