Tool Chest rebuild Part I

Some time ago I picked up this tool chest with the idea of using it in my shop. I put some caster on it and put some tools in it. It never seemed to fit, and I continually had issues with it.


WP_001025  WP_001027 WP_001028 WP_001029 WP_001026WP_001035

One of my biggest complaint was the flat top. It was just to handy to set things on it. I could guarantee the minute I needed something out of it, there would be a freshly finished project, half a dozen hand planes or 200 pounds of crap on top of it, so it just kind of sat not being utilized.

As you can see from the picture it also had a plywood wrapped top. Something I’ve wanted to change since the day I bought it, but I decided I wasn’t going to do anything until I figured a way to work it into the shop.

It also has some trays that are not original, so between the top and trays already altered, I really don’t mind altering it to fit my needs.


It wasn’t all bad though, it had some features I liked

WP_001032  WP_001034

And after seeing Brandon Dutch Tool Chest I started to form some ideas on how to make this better, so yesterday I set out to do just that.

After removing the cover, I tried to remove the ledge that the cover sat on, but I’m pretty sure its glued along with nailed, so I decided the banding I removed around the plywood cover, will sit on top the existing ledge to cover the seam for the new top extension, leaving a center band around the box. It will also help hold the new extension in place. (I haven’t really decided on a fastening system yet, we’ll see how it goes)

I started with some rough sawn poplar. Its not going to match, but I don’t have any pine, and nothing is going to match anyhow.

 WP_20130609_001 WP_20130609_006WP_20130609_010WP_20130609_002 WP_20130609_003


So I got to use some planes, some scrapers, my nifty new marking knife (Thanks Dave!), and did some dovetailing.

WP_20130609_004 WP_20130609_005  WP_20130609_007 WP_20130609_008 WP_20130609_009


WP_20130614_007 WP_20130615_001


After gluing up the top piece, I fastened it with the wrap from the old door. Glued and nail it had [plenty of beef to hold the top on.

WP_20130615_002  WP_20130615_004


I had to dig out some #4 finish from the old finish nail bucket.


Then it was planing for the cover panels


Jack, (604) Then the #606, then the heavy smoother, then the #212.

 WP_20130615_007 WP_20130615_009WP_20130615_008


And yes, this a sweat. That’s a lot of work


WP_20130615_014 WP_20130615_010 WP_20130615_015WP_20130615_012


Yes I know, and extra picture. I really needed a break!

WP_20130615_016WP_20130615_017WP_20130615_019 WP_20130615_021 WP_20130615_022 WP_20130615_023 WP_20130615_024 WP_20130615_025 WP_20130615_026  WP_20130615_028 WP_20130615_029 WP_20130615_030    WP_20130615_031WP_20130615_027    

More to come, watch for Part II.


About Don
A tool nut, hand plane collector, restorer

4 Responses to Tool Chest rebuild Part I

  1. Jimmy Bodine says:

    Glad to see your using the Veritas block planes you purchased last year on their so called
    blemish sale.
    I like the idea of adding to your existing tool box, very good Don, keep doing the good work.

  2. I love those planes. I wish I had the opportunity to use them more. I found a #140 after I bought these, but the fence on the veritas is handy as hell.

  3. Dave says:

    Don those are some wonderful action shots. A fine blog post. Keep em coming.

  4. Pottsvillain says:

    Great tool chest and nice job!

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