S. Biggin & Sons Backsaw Restore

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So here is the before of the S. Biggin & Sons – Sheffield Backsaw I picked up for next to nothing. So far all I can find is its From 1852 to 1856.

So it took some handle work.

I didn’t try to match the old and new. I didn’t have any apple, and I kind of like the “I’ve been fixed better than new” look anyhow.

And after some soaking in evapo-rust, sanding and more sanding, some wire brushing and some polishing it came out like this.

I sharpened it, but its still got a little walk, so I’ll need to touch it up and see whats up with that.



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A tool nut, hand plane collector, restorer

7 Responses to S. Biggin & Sons Backsaw Restore

  1. TobyC says:

    Beautiful, but different! never seen one with all those saw nuts.
    Sons plural is ’52 to ’56 as you said,… where’d you get your dates from?

  2. Andy Lovelock says:

    I’m with you on the two-wood look Don. You might just start a new trend here. I’ve never seen saw nuts in that configuration either. I wonder why they did it because I’m inclined to believe that more than three nuts is unnecessary and might even weaken the cheek. Still that’s obviously a load of bull because the cheeks are fine on your saw.

    Oh look, TobyC is here too. You get around Toby. Am I following you around the world or are you following me? LOL.

  3. Dave says:

    Don I love the two toned look. Makes it look like my dad’s ole Chevy.
    Keep up the good work.
    Every one you save is one less that goes in the dump or on a restaurant wall.

  4. buzzards27 says:

    Ur dates are good, just did a bit of reseach on Biggins and Sons for a recent auction. Even found a family tree site that had son number one married to a Sarah Peace in 1844 and a grandson born that year. I think the son (maybe father, too) went on to work for Disston.

    Just bought a load of apple “firewood” and am beginning to create blanks if you need any.

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