Wood Steel and adjustable Mouth. Everything a Plane should have.

These two planes have been bouncing around in my head for a long time now. When a fellow LJ gave me a bunch of pieces of mahogany, just about the right size for making ‘em, it was all the motivation I needed.

Note at this first writing, the second one (the one with the tote) hasn’t been completed. I need one more piece of steel to finish it up.

Sides are maple, body is mahogany and the tote on the second one is bubinga.

Bedding angle is 45 degrees one the first one and 60 degrees on the second unfinished plane.


WP_20130811_038   WP_20130810_002 WP_20130810_001WP_20130810_003 WP_20130810_004 WP_20130811_028 WP_20130811_029 WP_20130811_030 WP_20130811_032 WP_20130811_033 WP_20130811_034 WP_20130811_035 WP_20130811_036


**And here is the build of the second plane.**

WP_20130811_038 WP_20130811_001 WP_20130811_003 WP_20130811_005

A little wax to the steel so the glue doesn’t stick. I know it would have been easier before adding the glue to the piece, but we all can’t be perfect.

Then I glued the sides and body together. Its nice not having to be quit so fussy with the mouth opening.

It is important in this step to ensure the cross bar is square.

WP_20130811_004   WP_20130811_005 WP_20130811_008

I’m Making the top piece of metal Here


And making the tote is similar to all other totes.


WP_20130811_009 WP_20130811_010   WP_20130811_014

I had 3/4” maple, so I decided to resaw after it was together. This worked out well.

WP_20130811_015 WP_20130811_016

After resawing I used the scraper to clean it up. I have found its the only plane that works well on this maple.

WP_20130811_018WP_20130811_017  WP_20130811_019 WP_20130811_020 WP_20130811_021 WP_20130811_022 WP_20130811_023 WP_20130811_037

I think most of it is self explanatory, but as always, questions and comments welcome.


4 Responses to Wood Steel and adjustable Mouth. Everything a Plane should have.

  1. Mauricio says:

    wow Don, they are both really nice. I really like the toted one. Is it easy to grip? it seems like it would be hard to get your fingers in there.

  2. Mauricio, the tote “section” isn’t glued in yet, but it feels pretty good so far. I left the sides high for esthetics, and in the dry runs its seems good. If they have to go down more, well, that can happen.

  3. Dave says:

    Don well done again.
    Your metal skills are as good as your wood skills.
    There needs to be a “DW” stamped somewhere on these fine planes.

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