Restored Early Stanley 9 1/2

See my other block plane post

A type 10 Stanley 9 1/2. I date this plane somewhere between 1898-1904.

As bought

After restoration.


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8 Responses to Restored Early Stanley 9 1/2

  1. Dave says:

    Looking good from here!

  2. buzzards27 says:

    Just wondering if the lever cap isn’t pre 1898. I have two post 1898 that have that pat. date on the lever pivot and a shorter lever.

  3. I’ve got one soaking in citric that may be earlier than hi one. I’m hoping it is an L Bailey.

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  5. According to John Walter, the scalloped side didn’t happen until 1898.

    See the newer one. Still a Stanley.

    • buzzards27 says:

      My 9 1/2’s have what looks like a small disk with a 1897 pat. date surrounding the lever rivet and the lever is shorter and inside the cap. They both have scalloped sides on the bed.

      They probably had plenty of pre pat date caps laying around and this cap might not have been introduced til years later.

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