“Buck Rogers” planes

A nice little Buck Rogers write up.

working by hand

Millers Falls were a late player in the game of making planes, coming into the market in 1928-29. In order to stand apart from other manufacturers, a newcomer often has to improve upon the engineering of a tool, or change the aesthetic appeal. Millers Falls made headway in the design of a jointed-lever cap, with force applied to the cutter at three points rather than the standard two, to reduce blade chatter. Millers Falls also had nickel-plated lever caps and red frogs. However in 1950 they debuted the “Buck Rogers” line of tools, of which the Model 709 and 714 bench planes are the best known. The planes were designed by Robert W. Huxtable, the brother of noted industrial designer L. Garth Huxtable and a draftsman for the Millers Falls Company. Millers Falls dubbed them “The Finest Planes in the World”, but it was likely collectors who gave them the moniker “Buck…

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