Gage Tool Co. A #G6 and a #14

John gage started making planes in the early 1880’s, probably 1883. In 1817 he sold his interest in the Gage Tool Co., which was bought by Stanley in 1919. As far as I can tell from my research, all planes made by Gage were wood bottom. Stanley added the metal line in 1919. Both were manufactured until 1934.


Here Is the Gage #14

This was manufactured by Gage Tool co.


WP_20131006_004 WP_20131006_005  WP_20131006_007 WP_20131006_006 WP_20131006_012WP_20131006_008WP_20131006_009 WP_20131006_010 WP_20131006_011

And the #G6


WP_20131006_003 WP_20131006_001 WP_20131006_002


If your trying to date a gage tool. here is what I dug up,

They were only produced until the 2nd World War (1919-1941).

Type 1: Beds have “Pat. Appl’d For” and prefix before the model number

Type 2: Beds have 2-17-20 patent date.

Type 3: “G” prefix introduced

Type 4: Made in the U.S.A stamped in the bed along with the 2-17-20 Pat. Date and the “G” Prefix


4 Responses to Gage Tool Co. A #G6 and a #14

  1. You have a nice looking collection of planes. I have never heard of J Gage but he made an interesting looking plane. Is that a jointer size that you brought back to life?

  2. Dave says:

    I love the metal cap on the handle.
    Nice work Don

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