Old Sargent Planes #3: Determining a 408 versus 5408

Types: Type Main Page, Type 1, Type 2, Type 3, Type 4, Type 5, Type 6, Type 7, Type 8.

Keep in mind, Sargent type study is a confusing work in progress. Please email me your example and expect things to change from time to time.  All dates are from Dave Heckel’s book unless otherwise stated.

I bought this hoping it was a 5408, but knowing I would love to add it to my collection even as a 408. If you look at the last blog  about the 5400 series, I compared what I believe to be a 409 and a 5409. So lets look at this new 408.

Working through the criteria for a 5400 series.
Here is what this 408 has.
– corrugated sole
– a blank cap
– Cutter marked with Oval Trademark with U.S.A. in center
– Two-piece cutter adjusting nut, brass with a steel insert for the threads
– PAT. FEB. 3 -91 on lateral lever (this is for both type 2 and type 3 laterals. They were issued the same day)
– They can have either the horseshoe or 2nd pivot lateral style to be a 5400 series. This has the second.
– # 400 series plane number might or might not be on plane body. usually not, no number on the 408.

Here is where I’m not sure.
Tote is mahogany. OK, I’m sure its mahogany and not rosewood, so that make its a 408 instead of a 5408, in theory anyhow.

To be a 5400 series it must have the thin casting. So determining the thin casting isn’t as straight forward. Here it is.

I think its the thin casting. But until I find a 408 to compare. I can’t be sure.

Here it is, just as I bought it. Not much for me to do but enjoy it.


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