Old Sargent Planes #2: Typing the type 2 or 3 409c (or maybe 5409)


Keep in mind, Sargent type study is a confusing work in progress. Please email me your example and expect things to change from time to time.  All dates are from Dave Heckel’s book unless otherwise stated.

So again I find myself engrossed in the type information found in Dave
Heckel’s guide, and HMike’s

I bought this because real early corrugated planes are not as common place as
some others. And as usually dating them can be a bit of a challenge.

The lever cap has the number and the cap, which means it could be a type 1, 2
or 3.

The frog puts it around a type 3, assuming all type 2’s had the horseshoe

The base also put it at a type 3. The thin casting and squared post seem to
correspond to type 3 as well.

The adjuster however puts it at a type 2, with the steel insert.

The iron is also a clear type 2 iron with the oval logo and USA in the

So here it is in all its glory.

My guess at this point is I didn’t find one of the Sargent enthusiast well
sought after 5409, but a very early 409c, with Sargent using up some of the
parts. Of course there is also the possibility that its a very late 5409, with
sargent using some of the new 409C inventory on the plane. Further investigation
may be needed.


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