A #4 surprise and its for sale.

We’ll call this a a “holy cow, I’ve been ignoring these planes” post.

This is a Millers Falls made Sears. To me it looks like crap. Why would you paint a plane red? And I could get past the body red. As a matter of fact, done properly it may look good, but please, not the cap!

But this came in a bundle. You know, buy these for that much and I’ll throw in the sears kind of deal. I have thought on it for a few days, thinking I would just sit it on the shelf until some motivation to make a lamp or something struck. After all, I try real hard to only sell “usable” hand planes.

But I’ve made a few work I wasn’t sure about, so I picked this up and looked. Frog looks decent. Casting of the bed is ok. Jeez, maybe it’ll actually work.

And not only does it work, but I’ve done absolutely nothing to this except sharpen it. I know the expression, “sharp fixes everything” but come on!

So basically this is a Millers Falls plane, with a really crappy cap. I went as far as thinking about a brass cap, but thought it would clash with the red.

Now I’m not going to pretend this a top of the line plane. The cap and iron is not one of the finest I’ve ever seen, although it did take a decent edge. Its retention probably won’t rival a new Hock, but then, a new Hock is an option.

It also needs a bit more cleanup. It still has the rust that came on it, but its minor and should clean up quick.

So if your looking for a cheap plane with reasonable results. Look no further. Keep in mind, this is Ash I’m testing it on, not some nice clear cedar.

I’m asking $25 plus the USPS charge of $12.80. See others for sale as well.

Trades always welcome!


One Response to A #4 surprise and its for sale.

  1. handmadeinwood says:

    Well, I agree, the decorator was a little indiscriminate with the brush in this case. But it doesn’t appear to diminish its performance, judging by the shavings.

    On the subject of red planes, I have (and use almost daily) a Marples No;4 which is intentionally finished in what is termed “Post Office Red”.
    It was Marples’ livery at the time during the mid ’50s/60s, when they were teamed-up, almost to the point of ownership, with Record.

    An excellent quality plane with very beefy castings.

    All best from Wales

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