A Sargent #410 restoration

So last time we talked about making a new mahogany tote for a type 4 Sargent bench plane I found at a flea market.

This one was a little different. The tote screw had been replaced with a larger diameter version. I’ll assume what ever happened to the original tote, also stripped the threads so a larger on was fashioned.

Also a type 4 would typically have metal knob and tote screws, but this one has brass. Were they changed when the tote screw was re-made? I’m guessing we’ll never know.

Here is the before and after pictures.


And here are the after.


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4 Responses to A Sargent #410 restoration

  1. forbeskm says:

    Beautiful job! I should send you my planes to clean up 🙂 I fixed up a #4 from craigslist works as well as yours. Shows you don’t need a Lie Nielsen or Veritas though they are a joy to use.

  2. very fine. what did you do to the brass screw.

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