The Rapier Block

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This Rapier Block showed up in my shop one day, thanks to my LJ friend Poopiekat.

Rapier is an English made plane. I always thought it was a Stanley knock off, but this is a little different. The plane is much heavier than a similar Stanley. The cutter tightening nut is solid and much heavier.


The cutter (marked “Best Sheffield Tool Steel) is harder and thicker than a similar Stanley. It works extremely well.



I debated repainting this. I still may in the future. But for now, it rest along side my other block planes. At the ready, but unlikely to be uesed.


5 Responses to The Rapier Block

  1. Andy Lovelock says:

    The shavings cannot lie Don. Nice job!

  2. Poopiekat says:

    Glad it went to a good home, Don! I really like my Rapiers, and what you did with that cutter is awesome!

  3. Rex Wenger says:

    Would you consider selling? Rex

  4. Pedro the Parrot says:

    I have 5 or so Rapier bench planes and the block plane you have there. They have two advantages over the numerous elderly Stanley planes I own; so much so that they are my favoured planes in the shop. Firstly the castings are heavier, a boon when using the smoother for its intended purpose. Secondly the Irons seem to be harder and thicker than a typical Stanley.

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