Made in Germany #2200 Block Plane

I picked this plane up in a flea market for $2 or $3. I bought it because I’d never seen one, and it was $2 or $3.

An little research lead me to Tillmanns & Maier in Velbert/Rhineland.

I found some info here,

A lot of what I find is in German, so I can’t read it, but its possible these may have been in ported by Jordon.

I just wiped it down with some WD-40

An finished with a coat of Fluid Film



Any additional information would be appreciated.




2 Responses to Made in Germany #2200 Block Plane

  1. Dave says:

    Awesome find Don!

  2. I have used Google translate to decipher some documentation. If you can cut and paste it into the document box it will translate to most languages.
    A far distant second for me is to type the text into the document box. Typing a page of text in a different language is more work than I usually am willing to do.

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