Not your average restore.

Union?? #4     

If tools with character is your thing, this will fit very well in your shop. I’m only guessing this is a Union, and if it is, its an early one. Its well built and works very well. The front knob bolt is similar to the Union X series. The rear tote bolt was similar but I had to replace it because someone had cut it way to short. If the Buyer would like the original I will send it. There are no markings on the base other than the size.

The tote is an experiment of mine. It came out ok. Its rosewood with some Ash reinforcement strips. It is a replacement tote, the original was trashed. The knob is the original mahogany.

As you can see, the chip breaker has some serious pitting. I thought about replacing it, but the business end is perfect, and it just fits the plane. The original cutter was a Victory replacement. (I assume replacement). It was pitted a very small amount, but enough so I wouldn’t leave it in a smoother. It now has a Stanley cutter.

The cap has a pebbled look. I almost think it may have been painted originally, but I see no evidence of that.

It has been Completely tuned and sharpened and it works very well. It will make a very good smoother for a reasonable price tag.

The before


And restored.



Yes, its for sale,

I almost hate to sell it, but I need to regain some space.


Thanks for looking.



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