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How to: Plane Restorations

Bench plane restored the dw way.

Making a Bench Plane tote.

Turning a hand plane knob

Tuning it up, Bench Plane Style

Sharpening past the DMT and Polishing the iron

A few tips on How to set a handplane.

Checkering a Plane tote

Quickly Identify your hand plane.


Hand Plane Information and resources

dw’s Plane Resource sites

dw’s plane notes – General

What Bench Plane’s do I need.

Sargent Planes by the number–with pictures.

Knob and Totes

Just some new knobs and totes

A new set of Maple totes

A new set of Rosewood totes

New knob for a Stanley #1

 A new knob and tote for a Stanley #4 1/2

Sargent hand planes and Information

Determining a Sargent Bench Plane vintage.

the Sargent #15 Shaw Patent.

The Sargent #708

Restoration of a Sargent 5206

Fulton or Fulton Tool Company.


Some of my Infill Planes

Infill Shooting plane. Make it a pair!

Making the dw infills: Let do some tapping and peening.

The full size #4 dw Infill

A #3 Size Infill

More for the Smoother. A #4 size Infill. Just what I needed

Building the infill Plane. Not so much metal work style.


Transitional restores #2: Transitional restore the dw way.

My new #34 Stanley-Bailey Transitional

Transitional restores #2: Transitional restore the dw way.

A new cherry body for a Stanley Transitional.



Some of my Plane Restores


Page 3 – Some Before and After Pictures (My Restores)

Page 2 – Some Before and After Pictures (My Restores)

Page 1 – Some Before and After Pictures (My Restores)

Bailey Tool Co. #17 Restoration

Millers Falls #14b

Not really a Handyman #3

How about a type 1 Millers Falls #18?

Just because I thought it was cool

Saving the Stanley #48

A new #604 Jack

My Stanley 120 restore.

Shelton Block

Fillister Restored

Panel Raising Plane.

Coopers plane

A Stanley #220 and Craftsman #3704

A Stanley #45. Finding a home.

A Stanley #45 resurrected.

Taber Plane Company–New Bedford Ma.

A Scrub and Jack back to service

A Brass Upgrade for a #2.



Ohio Tools

Ohio Tool #122, What a Surprise

Ohio Tools #4 Restore

Some Ohio Tools History

Ohio Tools


Shop made tools

Wood Steel and adjustable Mouth. Everything a Plane should have.

The Beast. A 36" wood bodied Jointer Plane

Shop built Thickness-Drum Sander

What will you ever do with that broom handle? A beader maybe?

Bedrock #608 fence.

Small Scraper Plane (x 2)

York Pitch Shop make Smoother

Infill Jack (well almost)

Sanding blocks made from Stanley plane parts.

A vintage Wheel drive for the leg vise

Building the infill Plane. Not so much metal work style.

Other Tool Restorations

Walker Turner 16"Bandsaw. The things that dreams are made of.

Vintage Craftsman 306.9121 planer restoration #1: Planer restoration.

Tool Chest Redux. Now that’s better!

Tool Chest rebuild Part I


Lie-Nielsen #62 low angle jack plane

Woodworking projects

Display case. The request is in.

3 Blanket Chest

Oak Bar Cabinet (my wife’s xmas present) Making good on my mistake.

A pine workbench top

Went deer hunting and came home with some White Oak.

My Saw Mill


Handsaw restores

S. Biggin & Sons Backsaw Restore

Saw filing video


3 Responses to Index of TimeTestedTools

  1. C L says:

    Ohio Tool question for you:

    Some of the bench planes have castings with “No 0x” and others have just the “0x”. I just picked up a “05” like yours. At first I thought could be a Record, but it’s must be OT. It’s a project with a Stanley blade and broken tote. I bought it due to a right handed screw for the adjuster, vs the later left handed on Stanley’s. That suggested it could be an older plane.

    Does the casting # say anything about the age? I haven’t been able to find this topic addressed on the web.

    Thanks for the great information on your site.

  2. C L says:

    Thanks. Someone out there knows the answer. Maybe they will jump in!

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