Stanley #65 type 1 restoration

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This is a recent restoration of a type 1 Stanley #65. According to Virginia Tool Works this would have been manufactured in 1898 through 1900.




Most folks are more familiar with the later type #65 with a knuckle cap and adjustable mouth.

The knuckle cap actually didn’t start until 1913.

The adjustable mouth came about in 1905.




Restored Early Stanley 9 1/2

See my other block plane post

A type 10 Stanley 9 1/2. I date this plane somewhere between 1898-1904.

As bought

After restoration.

Just because I thought it was cool


Here is the before.



And the after.


WP_20130410_008  WP_20130410_010 WP_20130410_011WP_20130410_007 WP_20130410_012 WP_20130410_013 WP_20130410_009

Somebody put a lot of work into this block plane.

My Stanley 120 restore.

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Another block plane I think the adjuster is cool on. I believe this is a Type 2.

A Type 1 has a 5-point star cap and a raised receiver for the front knob. The front knob is made from applewood on a type 1.

I liked the bronze look so I did not repaint it.