Tools For Sale

Contact Time Tested Tools to verify availability and order. I’ll invoice through PayPal

Buyer pays actual shipping cost.

Offers and trades always welcome.

If you need more information or want to see more pictures feel free to ask…….. (US Shipments ONLY)

#4 and #5s fit in a medium flat rate box $12

A single block will usually fit in a small flat rat box. $5.35.

A #6 through #8 will fit in a large flat rate box. $16.00.

For Anything larger or multiple items contact me. or email timetestedtools AT hotmail . com

*NEW POLICY* Please read. USPS hasn’t been very dependable. I strongly suggest insurance. Its about $5 per plane. If you choose the insurance I can guarantee the shipment to your door. If not, once it leaves my door, its up to you to fight with them if they loose or break it.

I can’t always keep this list up to date and often have a few items in the works. Contact me if you are looking for something in particular and its not listed.

Sharpening – Plane Irons Sizes 1 – 8  $8 plus shipping.  (does not include grinding out major chips or damages) $7 for each additional iron

Chisels – $6 plus shipping. (does not include grinding out major chips or damages) $5 for each additional.

Let me know if you’d like me to keep my eye open at the flea markets and antique shops for something in particular or a particular vintage.

Here is a list of planes ready to go. I’ll post picture if you need them. If its marked restored its been stripped and repainted with multiple coats of Dupli-Color Engine Enamel DUPDE1635 Ford Semi Gloss Black spray paint. Feel free to ask any questions.

    • Unless otherwise marked, the iron has been hollow ground on an 8” or 10” white wheel, then honed on a hard oil stone.
    • Back of the iron will be polished
    • Knob and tote stripped and finished with BLO and/or wax if its rosewood. I typically use dark walnut Danish oil on hardwood.
    • Sole is flat to a working degree.
    • Frog has been flattened
    • All restore and tuned planes have been tested.
    • Planes marked “As found” are as I found them.

I will gladly tune and/or restore any “as found” items. Email for cost, but a ball park figure is $35 -$45 for tuning/Restoring and an additional $25 if it needs to be stripped and painted.

Lakeside #5      $25   (my number 5-022215-1)       

  • Exactly as found by completely dismantled.
  • The tote is original
  • The knob is original 
  • No cracks or breaks.
  • I believe this is a Stanley made similar to the Victor.
  • A perfect project plane for restoration.



    Stanley  #8     $75   (my # 8-031915)  type 8

    Just as I found it. Ready to be restored. Take it as she is, or add $100 for a complete restoration, tuning and sharpening..

    It will need a new tote. I’ll add a roughed in rosewood tote for $15.




    Stanley #220 $22 (My number 220-082413-10

    As found. Just need some minor cleaning and sharpening and its good to go.



    Stanley #103 … $22

    Missing some japanning that’s worn off over he years but generally in great shape.

    WP_20131016_022 WP_20131016_023 WP_20131016_024 WP_20131016_025

    Misc PLANES

    Stanley #27 … $18

    As found. See pictures and ask any questions.




    Misc Stuff


    A set of #45 long Rods in almost perfect shape. $12


    Protractor head for A COMBINATION SQUARE ….. $12

    See how its used here



    I have 1 of these Egg beater type hand drills left. $35 each

    From left to right

    A Millers Falls #2   (Sold)

    A Gooddell Pratt

    An the last one I can’t find a marking, but it has to be from a quality manufacturer. The quality is as good as he other two if not slight better.  (Sold)


    Red Head Egg Beater ….$13

    As found. Complete. Needs cleanup.

    Marked Read Head #110, New York



    Xion Egg Beater ….$9

    As found. Complete. Needs cleanup.

    Marked XION, Germany

    Needs a new knob for crank.



    General 810 Sharpening Guide. … $45

    As found. See photos.

       WP_20130902_011 WP_20130902_012 WP_20130902_013r WP_20130902_014 WP_20130902_015


    Fulton Bit Brace……8” sweep…$6

    WP_20130901_043 WP_20130901_044

    Dunlop Bit Brace……10” sweep…$8

    WP_20130901_034 WP_20130901_035

    Yankee no 44. $30

    With bits as shown.

    Don Wilwol's photo.image

    Stanley #2 tote. $23

    Repaired . The split was epoxied and the tote was sanded and has several coats of shellac.

    WP_20130828_007 WP_20130828_008 WP_20130828_009 WP_20130828_010


    Here are a couple as found saw totes. $8 each

    Both are repairable. See pictures for condition.

    1-1 1-2 1-3

    2-1 2-2 2-3


    Sanding blocks crafted from Hand Plane parts



    Small one $25



    17 Responses to Tools For Sale

    1. Dan Krager says:

      Hi Don, had never really visited your site. It’s a good one! May I post a link to it on my site? If so, is there a logo to use?

    2. Rob says:

      Excellent site Don.

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    4. gblogswild says:

      That Craftsman #5 up there with the flawed casting is a Millers Falls No 14 without the tapped hole in the sole casting for the frog adjustment screw.. and I imagine no hole for the adjuster plate screw in the frog, too. That should be a nice user, too.

    5. Joseph Palas says:

      Any Stanley no 7’s in the queue Don? Preferably pre-neoprene knob

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    13. David Ornelas says:

      Where do you guy get parts to restore old hand planes? Are the parts remake or aftermarket and cheap? Thanks for any input and help.


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