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Thank You all for your support


21 Responses to Tools For Sale

  1. Dan Krager says:

    Hi Don, had never really visited your site. It’s a good one! May I post a link to it on my site? If so, is there a logo to use?

  2. Rob says:

    Excellent site Don.

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  4. gblogswild says:

    That Craftsman #5 up there with the flawed casting is a Millers Falls No 14 without the tapped hole in the sole casting for the frog adjustment screw.. and I imagine no hole for the adjuster plate screw in the frog, too. That should be a nice user, too.

  5. Joseph Palas says:

    Any Stanley no 7’s in the queue Don? Preferably pre-neoprene knob

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  13. David Ornelas says:

    Where do you guy get parts to restore old hand planes? Are the parts remake or aftermarket and cheap? Thanks for any input and help.


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