Bedrock Bench Planes

First Bedrock bought, a nice 604

Bedrock 604

Next Bedrock purchase was a 605.

Bedrock 605


4 Responses to Bedrock Bench Planes

  1. Paul Allison says:

    I am looking for a cutting iron for my Bedrock 605 plane. I purchased one to restore and use. I will have a very good tool if I could find a blade for it. Does anyone know where I can buy one?

  2. Paul, the 605 takes the same iron as a #5. I’ve got a list of possible vintages resellers here, and there is always eBay.

    You can also buy after market irons at many places. Woodcraft, Hock Tools, and Lee Valley just to name a few.

    Just beware some of the after market are thicker so you may have to open up the mouth a little. Ask your supplier if your concerned.

    • Paul Allison says:

      I purchased a blade for a Stanley #5 because it was advertised to fit. When I receiver it, it was much shorter than the defective one that was on the 605 I bought. I will look it over again.
      Thanks much for the info.

  3. Paul Allison says:


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