Bench plane restored the dw way.

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14 Responses to Bench plane restored the dw way.

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  2. Dave says:

    Don stop you are showing your secrets.
    Nicely done Don. I learned a lot. Well written.

  3. fachento says:

    Thanks Don! Just picked up a jack plane that needs restoring – I’ve never done electrolysis, and that may just be what needs to be done!

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  5. Dave says:

    Wow! That is a beautiful restoration. And thanks for the well written, informative article. I’ve always been afraid to tackle such a project. This article makes me want to jump in the deep end!

    Well done, sir! Cheers!

  6. Pat M says:

    Question about the battery trick for the charger, you take the leads from the charger hook them the battery and then take two leads from there to the tool and sacrificial metal??

  7. Pat M says:

    Don, much appreciate the feedback, got myself a nice little shoulder plane that needs a fence. Would you be able to steer me to someone who might have one at a REASONABLE PRICE. You would think these things were made of solid gold. I saw one that was been sold for $285, I thought maybe I read it wrong and that it was for the entire tool, but NO. LOL

  8. I’ve put together a list of resources. Its just a list, some I’ve used, some I haven’t. I usually send a bunch of emails and wait for the replies.

  9. Pat Meeuwissen says:

    Don, finally got around to cleaning and sharpening the shoulder plane, is the iron supposed to be slightly wider than the body? It looks original but thought it should be flush on both sides?? What type of wax do you use to protect your finished restores? I have paste wax and beeswax, the later seemed too “gummy”.

  10. Mary C says:

    Excellent resource – the most thorough I have ever seen! Many thanks for sharing your wealth of expertise. I have refurbed a Sargent 409c that belonged to my Grandfather – one of his many tools that I use and cherish. Have you ever used 50/50 BLO/mineral spirits to preserve your metals tools? I live in the tropics, near the ocean and it works wonders preventing rust.

  11. Thanks for the compliment and the tip. I have used BLO on metal tool, but never mixed it. I’ll have to give that a try.

  12. This is a great article, I just bought three hand-planes (a Stanley 4 1/2, Stanley 7, and an unknown block plane) for $20. They all look about how this one started. I’m planning on making all three usable again, and will definitely be applying these tips.

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