August Update

Some new post in the Tools For Sale Section.

I’ve got a few more ready to be restored.

Here is a type 16ish? #5 ready to go. 


And a gorgeous type 11, tuned and spit shined.



And if your in the market for a smoother a type 16 4 and 4c.





There are several more, so please take a look see.

Summers ending here in the north east, so enjoy the rest of it.


A few Shop made smoothers.

 I posted these recently,

Tools For Sale

Contact Time Tested Tools to verify availability and order. I’ll invoice through PayPal


Small 7” wood bodied smoother $215 (OBO)

This plane is made from butternut and cherry with a hophornbeam sole pad. If you don’t know, hophornbeam is one of the hardest wood grown in the North East. I’ve known it as hardhack my whole life.

It’s 7” long and 2 7/8” wide and had a Hock 2” cutter and cap iron.

Finish is several coats of hand rubbed truoil.



Small 7 3/4” wood bodied smoother $215 (OBO)

This plane is made from rosewood and hophornbeam. If you don’t know, hophornbeam is one of the hardest wood grown in the North East. I’ve known it as hardhack my whole life.

It’s 7 3/4” long and 2 1/2” wide and had a Hock 1 1/2” cutter and cap iron.

Finish is several coats of hand rubbed truoil.


Small 8”” wood bodied smoother $195 (OBO)

This plane is made from oak and hophornbeam. If you don’t know, hophornbeam is one of the hardest wood grown in the North East. I’ve known it as hardhack my whole life.

It’s 8” long and 2 5/8” wide and had a Hock 1 3/4” cutter and cap iron.

Finish is several coats of hand rubbed truoil.


Lots of new Stuff


  • A  Stanley #3 1/2 type 19
  • A  Stanley #5 1/2 type 11
  • A  Stanley #6 price reduced
  • A couple of nice #5’s
  • Some new old stock #61 marking gauges.



And join the conversation about my new #711

Happy Hunting


July Update.

I’ve added a few plane to the for sale page

Please join the conversations on the forum. Some interesting stuff going on. Add your comments..

A type 18 Stanley #6 for sale



A couple nice #3’s





I’ve added a couple things to my collection, here is an original Leonard Bailey. (Yes I need a knob. If you stumble across one, please let me know)




And A nice Stanley Type 2 #4



Happy Hunting!!

Finally, a couple new restores.

I know its been a while, but I’ve finally found some time for some picking and restorations. Here are a couple nice users, all ready top go.

Listed on the For Sale page.

And please take a look at the new Transitional restoration. Hopefully you’ll find some good information you can use.

Stanley #4      $80   (my number 4-061615-1) type 11

  • Completely tuned and sharpened.
  • original knob and tote. Tote has been repaired. See photos. I added a strip of ash for some added contrast and a little extra support.
  • Knob was and tote has been refinished.
  • It looks like the previous owner may have refinished or repainted the japanning. 
  • The cutter is not a type 11, but it is in good shape and flattened and sharpened.



Stanley #5      $80  (my number 5-061715-2)     

  1. Completely tuned and sharpened.
  2. The base has been Stripped, sandblasted and refinished.
  3. Sharpened with a camber, ready to work as a jack.
  4. Original Rosewood  knob and tote (no cracks or repairs) note: The knob may actually be stained hardwood. Its hard to tell with the original finish still on it.
  5. with the frog adjuster screw
  6. Has a steel blade adjuster.
  7. steel knob and tote bolts (not brass nuts)



A rosewood jointer. Back in service.

I picked this rosewood jointer up at a flea market. It was missing the tote, wedge and blade. When a blade came along, i found a piece of maple and had at it.





Don @ http:\\

Spring Update

Here are a few things I’ve been working on. All of these are listed for sale. There are also several I’ve made in the past I’ve listed. I hope to add a milling machine to help with the builds.

IMG_20150426_153938924 IMG_20150421_083925392



I’ve started an update for the build. The godaddy website builder has been giving me some problems so its not as far along as I’d like. Stop back, I’ll be updating it.


And as always, please join in on the discussions on the forum.

Metal’s in Some plane making to come.


Don @ http:\\

Still waiting on Spring 2015


The weather just doesn’t seem to want to break. I’m looking forward to some spring thaw.

I’ve posted a nice restorable Jointer for sale,

I know several have inquired about a jointer.




I picked up a nice Siegley #2  recently for my collection. I believe it’s a type 5. I plan to post on my website soon. I also picked up a Sargent #3411 in nice shape. This is a type 1. I resisted the Sargent Transitionals for as long as I could. They just seem to call my name.





Please join in the conversation on the tool forum. There are lots of woodworking sites to chose from, but very few dedicated to the collecting of vintage tools.

Thanks for looking


A #4 infill Smoother. Shop made

I built this out of a Stanley #4 base. The base was broke at the rear handle bolt. Its bedded at 55 degrees. It has a SW cutter.

The wood is locust (stained with ebony) and bloodwood.

The cap bolt is through the wood with 3 countersunk nuts on the back side. Don’t ask why 3, I don’t really know.

The finish is a quick coat of blo with a few hours to dry and a few coats of Shellac.

At this point I’d estimate I have about 12 hours into this project with the 2 days I have into it.

Thanks for looking.
IMG_20150308_150639754-s.jpg IMG_20150308_145921348 - Copy.jpg copy_20150308_145913831.jpg IMG_20150308_101501414.jpg


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