Metal’s in Some plane making to come.


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Still waiting on Spring 2015


The weather just doesn’t seem to want to break. I’m looking forward to some spring thaw.

I’ve posted a nice restorable Jointer for sale,

I know several have inquired about a jointer.




I picked up a nice Siegley #2  recently for my collection. I believe it’s a type 5. I plan to post on my website soon. I also picked up a Sargent #3411 in nice shape. This is a type 1. I resisted the Sargent Transitionals for as long as I could. They just seem to call my name.





Please join in the conversation on the tool forum. There are lots of woodworking sites to chose from, but very few dedicated to the collecting of vintage tools.

Thanks for looking


A #4 infill Smoother. Shop made

I built this out of a Stanley #4 base. The base was broke at the rear handle bolt. Its bedded at 55 degrees. It has a SW cutter.

The wood is locust (stained with ebony) and bloodwood.

The cap bolt is through the wood with 3 countersunk nuts on the back side. Don’t ask why 3, I don’t really know.

The finish is a quick coat of blo with a few hours to dry and a few coats of Shellac.

At this point I’d estimate I have about 12 hours into this project with the 2 days I have into it.

Thanks for looking.
IMG_20150308_150639754-s.jpg IMG_20150308_145921348 - Copy.jpg copy_20150308_145913831.jpg IMG_20150308_101501414.jpg

I’ve switched forum software for TimeTestedTools

Please join in the discussions.


Come on February.

Its 7 outside today. I kept stuffing wood in the stove in my shop but it didn’t seem to help. I did manage to get a couple planes done. Some for me, and some for sale.

Check the for sale items out.




And lets pray for some warmer weather!



Happy New Year


Happy New Year to all my friends. I hope 2015 bring you lots of prosperity AND lots of shop time.

A few new planes posted. My restore queue is getting low, and I’m looking forward to spring.

My FOR SALE page.


And please visit my web site often as well



A couple Stanley #5 jack planes to go!!

I hope everyone had a tremendous holiday and I hope you are looking forward to a New year.

I’ve added several planes since my last post. Take a look. Here is a preview.

My FOR SALE page.



Along with a nice #3 as found project smoother.

And if you missed the latest articles:

Author: Jay T

Hand Saw Restorations – How to bring back the detail of an etch

  • Author Don Wilwol

    Chaplin’s Improved Restoration

  • Have a great New years……..

    A Union #4

    Here is a Union #4 I cleaned up for my #4 collection. If anyone has a good reference for Union planes, I’ve been researching for a while and haven’t found much. Any info would be greatly appreciated.



    A type 14 Stanley #5C restored.

    I don’t have any before pictures, because this beauty came with a type 20/21 frog with the folded lateral, so I wasn’t even going to do anything with it. I changed my mind more just to see how much work it would take, since it was a jack anyhow, I figured it would be ok. I thought it was strange that it had rosewood, but I didn’t think to hard on it.

    On closer inspection though, I found this wonderful type 14. Based on the broken tote tip, I would say it was dropped and the original frog busted.

    I had the correct frog, so its all back to normal now.

    I didn’t do the tote repair, its an old repair which seems very solid. I just sanded it out and refinished, leaving the history intact.


    Check out my tools for sale…..

    Featured Stanley Smoothers

    A couple very nice plane I just posted featuring Hock High Carbon Steel (O1) Blade and Cap Iron Sets

    Take a look for more information!

    Stanley #4C      type 11


    Stanley #3    type 15/16
    • Completely tuned and sharpened.
    • Custom Honduras Rosewood knob and tote.
    • New Hock High Carbon Steel (O1) Blade and Cap Iron Set. (A  $70 add on)
    • Original japanning about 95%+ with a few paint spec’s
    • The frog has remnants of the original orange paint.
    • Final honing on the Hock cutter done.



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