Sargent Hand Planes by the number–with pictures.

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I’ve never found a good source for Sargent planes with pictures. Much information can be found at This should help supplement that and other sites. I’ll continue to add information as I find it.

I don’t sell a lot of Sargent planes, but its possible I have a few. If I do, they will be found on my Tools For Sale Page.

I want to thank all those who have helped by sending me pictures and information.



12 Responses to Sargent Hand Planes by the number–with pictures.

  1. Steve newman, aka Bandit says:

    would this include the “Fulton” planes (mine is a #5 sized) or the Dunlaps ( The BL series by Craftsman) as I have a couple of them.

  2. superdav721 says:

    Don I have 1 or 2 somewhere Ill see what I have.

  3. KsSlim says:

    Excellent source, Thanks for sharing your hard work!

  4. Bob Edenhofer says:

    I have a 6408 smoother, would like info if you are able to provide.

  5. I don’t have much info for the 6408. It was manufactured around 1906 as a smoother. It seems its pretty rare so probably valuable. I would love to add a picture if you’d send me one.

  6. Joseph Palas says:

    Just picked up my 1st sargent on Ebay for $10 bucks. Very blurry pics, but seems to be a 5307 knuckle joint block. No lateral adjuster. How can you tell if it’s a 5306 vs 5307 from pics?

  7. Good to find the 414. Iron is marked Sargent, ‘keeper’ marked Bailey. Is this tool built to stanley specs ? My hometown, Winsted, CT, built tools for a number of big names including D R Barton & Stanley-one chisel I have marked ‘Winsred Edge’ is all I’ve found with an acknowledgement, Like to see someone put the pieces together. I have an amazing D R Barton 9 German style draw knife that I’ve used for 100s of hours–no, not for sale–be nice to see these smaller shops tied together…BR….

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