Sargent Hand Planes by the number–with pictures.

I’ve never found a good source for Sargent planes with pictures. Much information can be found at This should help supplement that and other sites. I’ll continue to add information as I find it.

I don’t sell a lot of Sargent planes, but its possible I have a few. If I do, they will be found on my Tools For Sale Page.

I want to thank all those who have helped by sending me pictures and information.

7 Smooth Plane


7C Corrugated Bottom Smooth Plane

8 Smooth Plane


8C Corrugated Bottom Smooth Plane

9 Smooth Plane

9C Corrugated Bottom Smooth Plane

10 Smooth Plane

10C Corrugated Bottom Smooth Plane

14 Jack Plane

14C Corrugated Bottom Jack Plane

15 Jack Plane


15C Corrugated Bottom Jack Plane

18 Fore Plane

18C Corrugated Bottom Fore Plane

22 Jointer Plane


22C Corrugated Bottom Jointer Plane

24 Jointer Plane

24C Corrugated Bottom Jointer Plane

29 Carriage Maker’s Iron Rabbet Plane


29C Corrugated Bottom Carriage Maker’s Iron Rabbet Plane

30 Carriage Maker’s Iron Rabbet Plane


30C Corrugated Bottom Carriage Maker’s Iron Rabbet Plane

31 Rabbit Plane


32 Dado & Rabbet Plane

33 Dado & Rabbet Plane

34 Dado & Rabbet Plane


35 Dado & Rabbet Plane

36 Dado & Rabbet Plane

37 Dado & Rabbet Plane


38 Dado & Rabbet Plane


42 Scraper Plane


43 Scraper Plane

44 Scraper Plane


50 Box Scraper

51 Scraper

52 Scraper

53 Scraper Plane

54 Cabinet Scraper

57 Scraper Plane

59 Scraper Plane


60 Cast Iron Plane Knob

61 Router Plane

61router-161 Router Plane-261 Router Plane-3

62 Router Plane


70 Box Scraper

73 Router Plane


74 Circular Plane

76 Circular Plane


79 Filletster & Rabbet Plane

81 Rabbet Plane


104 Block Plane


105 Block Plane

106 Block Plane

107 Block Plane

160 Roughing Plane (Solid Casting)

160 Roughing Plane


161 Roughing Plane (Solid Casting)


161 Roughing Plane

162 Roughing Plane (Solid Casting)

162 Roughing Plane

186 Rabbet Plane

187 Rabbet Plane

188 Rabbet Plane

196 Rabbet Plane

196 Rabbet Plane-1196 Rabbet Plane-2196-1

197 Rabbet Plane

198 Rabbet Plane

206 Block Plane


207 Block Plane

208 Block Plane

217 Block Plane

227 Double End Block Plane

306 Block Plane

306 type 2 Block Plane


306 Later Block

307 Block Plane

316 Block Plane

317 Block Plane

400 Adjustable Plane Handle

407 Smooth Plane




The last 407 is with brass inserts that were produced in limited runs sometime between 1927 and 1939.

407C Corrugated Bottom Smooth Plane

408 Smooth Plane

408C Corrugated Bottom Smooth Plane


409 Smooth Plane


409C Corrugated Bottom Smooth Plane

410 Smooth Plane

Sargent 410

410C Corrugated Bottom Smooth Plane

411 Jack Plane

411C Corrugated Bottom Jack Plane

414 Jack Plane

414C Corrugated Bottom Jack Plane

415 Jack Plane

415C Corrugated Bottom Jack Plane

418 Fore Plane


418C Corrugated Bottom Fore Plane

422 Jointer Plane


422C Corrugated Bottom Jointer Plane

424 Jointer Plane


424C Corrugated Bottom Jointer Plane

505 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane



507 Rabbet Block Plane


514 Low Angle Block Plane

Similar to Stanley #62. See Patrick’s Blood and Gore Sargent No. 514

600 Aluminum Smooth Plane

600 "Kenewa" Wooden Smooth Plane

601 "Kenewa" Wooden Jack Plane

604 "U.S." Wooden Smooth Plane

605 "U.S." Wooden Jack Plane

606 Low Angle Block Plane

607 Low Angle Block Plane

608 "Kenewa" Wooden Smooth Plane

609 "Kenewa" Wooden Jack Plane

610 "Kenewa" Wooden Fore Plane

611 "Kenewa" Wooden Jointer Plane

612 "U.S." Wooden Smooth Plane


612-1/2 "U.S." Wooden Razee Smooth Plane

613 "U.S." Wooden Jack Plane


613-1/2 "U.S." Wooden Razee Jack Plane

614 "U.S." Wooden Fore Plane

614-1/2 "U.S." Wooden Razee Fore Plane

615 "U.S." Wooden Jointer Plane

615-1/2 "U.S." Wooden Razee Jointer Plane

623 "U.S." Wooden Side Bead Moulding Plane

624 "U.S." Wooden Side Bead Moulding Plane

626 "U.S." Wooden Centre Bead Moulding Plane

628 "U.S." Wooden Reeding Plane

632 "U.S." Wooden Nosing or Step Plane

633 "U.S." Wooden Nosing or Step Plane

633-1/2 "U.S." Wooden Nosing or Step Plane

638 Wooden Dado Plane

639 Wooden Dado Plane

646 Wooden Filletster Plane

647 Wooden Filletster Plane

648 Wooden Filletster Plane

649 Wooden Filletster Plane

650 Wooden Filletster Plane

651 Wooden Filletster Plane

655 Wooden Rabbet Plane

657 Wooden Rabbet Plane

659 Wooden Rabbet Plane

660 Wooden Rabbet Plane

663 Wooden Hollow and Round Planes

671 Wooden Match Plane

672 Wooden Match Plane

673 Wooden Match Plane

674 Wooden Match Plane

675 Wooden Match Plane

676 Wooden Match Plane

678 Wooden Match Plane

681 Wooden Match Plane

682 Wooden Match Plane

695 Wooden Sash Plane

695-1/2 Wooden Sash Plane

704 "U.S." Wooden Plain Ogee Plane

707 Auto-Set Smooth Plane

707C Corrugated Bottom Auto-Set Smooth Plane

707 "U.S." Wooden Reverse Ogee and Square Plane

707-1/2 "U.S." Wooden Roman Reverse Ogee Plane

708 Auto-Set Smooth Plane

708C Corrugated Bottom Auto-Set Smooth Plane

708 "U.S." Wooden Grecian Ogee Plane

709 "U.S." Wooden Grecian Ogee and Bevel Plane

709-1/2 "U.S." Wooden Grecian Ogee and Bead Plane

710 Auto-Set Smooth Plane

710C Corrugated Bottom Auto-Set Smooth Plane

711 Auto-Set Jack Plane

711C Corrugated Bottom Auto-Set Jack Plane

714 Auto-Set Jack Plane

714C Corrugated Bottom Auto-Set Jack Plane

717 "U.S." Wooden Scotia or Quarter Round Plane

717-1/2 "U.S." Wooden Quarter Round or Casing Plane

717-3/4 "U.S." Wooden Casing Moulding Plane

718 Auto-Set Fore Plane

718C Corrugated Bottom Auto-Set Fore Plane

719 "U.S." Wooden Cove Plane

722 Auto-Set Jointer Plane

722C Corrugated Bottom Auto-Set Jointer Plane


730 "U.S." Wooden Grooving Plow Plane

732 "U.S." Wooden Grooving Plow Plane

734 "U.S." Wooden Grooving Plow Plane

735 "U.S." Wooden Grooving Plow Plane

736 "U.S." Wooden Grooving Plow Plane

738 "U.S." Wooden Grooving Plow Plane

743 "U.S." Wooden Grooving Plow Plane

923 Wooden Ship Smooth Plane

924 Wooden Ship Razee Jack Plane

925 Wooden Ship Razee Fore Plane

926 Wooden Ship Razee Jointer Plane

927 Wooden Ship Spar Plane

930 Wooden Tooth Plane

931 Wooden Mitre Square Plane

932 Wooden Mitre Smooth Shape Plane

934 Wooden Mitre Smooth Shape Plane

1066 Matching Plane

1067 Matching Plane

1068 Matching Plane


1074 Circular Plane

1080 Combination Plane

1080 Combination Plane (Stanley Made)

1080 – PB Combination Plane

1085 Combination Plane

1107 Block Plane


1107 Hercules Low-Price Brand Block Plane


1107 Hercules Golden Cutter Block Plane

1206 Block Plane

1207 Block Plane

1216 Block Plane

1217 Block Plane

1217 Hercules Golden Cutter Block Plane

1306 Block Plane

1307 Block Plane

1316 Block Plane

1317 Block Plane

1408 Smooth Plane


1408 Hercules Low-Price Brand Smooth Plane

1408 Hercules Golden Cutter Smooth Plane


1408 Smooth Plane

1409 Hercules Low-Price Brand Smooth Plane

1409 Hercules Golden Cutter Smooth Plane

1409 Smooth Plane


1409C Hercules Low-Price Brand Smooth Plane

1414 Hercules Low-Price Brand Jack Plane

1414 Hercules Golden Cutter Jack Plane

1414 Jack Plane

1414C Hercules Low-Price Brand Jack Plane

1506 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane

1506-1/2 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane

1507 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane


1507-1/2 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane


1508 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane (Lady Bug Rabbit Plane)


1508-1/2 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane



1509 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane

1509-1/2 Bull-Nose Rabbet Plane

1606 Low Angle Block Plane

1607 Low Angle Block Plane

2204 All-Steel Block Plane


3407 Wood Bottom Smooth Plane

3408 Wood Bottom Smooth Plane

3409 Wood Bottom Smooth Plane

3410 Wood Bottom Smooth Plane

3411 Wood Bottom Smooth Plane

3412 Wood Bottom Smooth Plane

3415 Wood Bottom Jack Plane

3416 Wood Bottom Jack Plane

3417 Wood Bottom Jack Plane

3418 Wood Bottom Fore Plane

3420 Wood Bottom Fore Plane

3422 Wood Bottom Jointer Plane

3424 Wood Bottom Jointer Plane

3426 Wood Bottom Jointer Plane

3428 Wood Bottom Jointer Plane

3430 Wood Bottom Jointer Plane

4206 All-Steel Low Angle Block Plane

4302 Rabbet Plane Block Plane, bronze cap, just like the Lie Neilson and based on the Sargent 507, 6 1/4" long & 1 3/4" wide with a 12 degree bedded blade, iron body and 1/8" thick cutter.

4306 Knuckle Joint Block Plane


4307 Knuckle Joint Block Plane

type 2 (1910-1918) Sargent No. 4307

a type 2 (1910-1918) Sargent No. 4307


5206 All-Steel Low Angle Block Plane


5217 Block Plane

5306 Knuckle Joint Block Plane

5307 Knuckle Joint Block Plane

The  #5400 Series of bench planes was very short lived and lasted just 3-years, from  1907 thru 1909. 

5407 Corrugated Bottom Smooth Plane

5408 Corrugated Bottom Smooth Plane

5409 Corrugated Bottom Smooth Plane

Sargent-5409-Angled-View Sargent-5409-Left-Side

5410 Corrugated Bottom Smooth Plane

5414 Corrugated Bottom Jack Plane

5418 Corrugated Bottom Fore Plane

5422 Corrugated Bottom Jointer Plane

5424 Corrugated Bottom Jointer Plane

5607 Low Angle Knuckle Joint Block Plane

6408 Smooth Plane

The Sargent 6408 is a fairly rare hand plane.


10 Responses to Sargent Hand Planes by the number–with pictures.

  1. Steve newman, aka Bandit says:

    would this include the “Fulton” planes (mine is a #5 sized) or the Dunlaps ( The BL series by Craftsman) as I have a couple of them.

  2. superdav721 says:

    Don I have 1 or 2 somewhere Ill see what I have.

  3. KsSlim says:

    Excellent source, Thanks for sharing your hard work!

  4. Bob Edenhofer says:

    I have a 6408 smoother, would like info if you are able to provide.

  5. I don’t have much info for the 6408. It was manufactured around 1906 as a smoother. It seems its pretty rare so probably valuable. I would love to add a picture if you’d send me one.

  6. Joseph Palas says:

    Just picked up my 1st sargent on Ebay for $10 bucks. Very blurry pics, but seems to be a 5307 knuckle joint block. No lateral adjuster. How can you tell if it’s a 5306 vs 5307 from pics?

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